Sonicwall NetExtender and Global VPN Client cause packet loss and drops.

A while back, I was really happy with Sonicwall, and really excited when DELL bought them. I had high hopes for Sonicwall in that just maybe, JUST MAYBE, Sonicwall support would get much better. After all, they DO charge for it.


So, for the last few months [starting end of November 2013], I had opened a call with Sonicwall using the website in that I had a few SSL-VPN [NetExtender] clients that would drop packets under a heavy load, RDP and TightVNC. For example, if they came in to our SSL VPN connection on a T1 at 1.5M, no packet loss and would work perfectly. If they came in via Fiber, big time packet loss. To make it worse, different Windows 7 clients would work, and other would not.


Using VMware and a Windows 7 VM to do quick reloads from a base loaded W7 Pro, I found if you loaded the SSL-VPN NetExtender client 7.0.203, no problem. You can connected to any SSL-VPN, and no packet loss. Now, load the General Release Global VPN Client [GVC] version, and reboot. Fire up your NetExtender, and BOOM! You now have packet loss and corruption over the SSL-VPN connection. Hey Sonicwall, WTF?!?!?!


After my own testing, and going back and forth with Sonicwall support, Sonicwall on January 7, 2014 [today is February 6, 2014], a Early Release Global VPN Client [GVC] version is now available. I really loved Sonicwall’s response of “Oh, it works for me with”. Sure enough, I go back and test loading NetExtender 7.0.203 first, no problem. Then I load GVC, no problem. Both SSL-VPN NetExtender and GVC work perfectly. Why do I have a feeling Sonicwall is keeping quiet on this issue. Oh, because you have to load both, the NetExtender and GVC to cause the problem, I mean who does that, maybe only SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS?


One complaint Sonicwall, who’s the dumb (rear of a horse) who decided that to load the new GVC on a system that already has GVC requires you to remove the old one? Reason is, while you can leave your settings [GVC Connections], the new version erases all the IKE SHARED KEYS… I had to login into each Sonicwall router, again, manually, and get the IKE SHARED KEYS.


At least now the SSL-VPN works as it should. And it took over 3 months to get this resolved with Sonicwall support doing it’s usual “but it works for us here in India…”. Maybe if you have a 4 hour paid support you get someone in America? And someone that would have saved us months by saying “yes, it’s a problem, and we are working on it…”. SHEESH!